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Parallel Testing Center
Welcome to Parallel Testing Center, the leading company in science experiments worldwide since its foundation in 2023.

Sparked by an idea that our founder, William Kacvinsky had in his early teenage years about traveling to parallel worlds, through time, and through space itself, P.T.C. slowly but surely worked its way up to the level our world-class scientists are at now.

Of course, there are always some complications with anything in life. Here at P.T.C. we need certain people to test certain projects and/or experiments for us. This is where our "guinea pigs" come into play. A group of adolescents and young adults who are ready and able to do our testing for us.

Don't worry, all testing subjects were voluntarily brought to P.T.C. and are living comfortably in dorms designed to fit their exact needs. No subject is ever harmed severely during the testing process.

For a greater good, P.T.C. will stand and deliver, invent and create, test and perfect


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Anonymous whispered: "THE POST GOT TWENTY NOTES!! DOES THIS MEAN YOU ARE OPENING AGAIN!? omfg, I'm so excited."

No, I’m sorry.

I’m taking a permanent leave long break from roleplaying and writing in general.

Hi guys, sorry it’s been so long. 

Recently, a personal friend of mine has been trying to get me to re-open this roleplay, and lately, I’m starting to want to more and more. I miss running Parallel.

So, I’ve decided that if this post gets at least twenty notes (and don’t reblog it more than once, please), then I’ll consider that enough interest to start this roleplay back up and revamp the entire thing.

Thank you all so much,

Rory xx

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